ThingsWiFi- A  Iot based  remote monitoring system for ThingsHiFi (Made in India Grid Tied Inverter from Things Cloud) as well as third party inverters.

It helps to track the details on the performance of the entire solar system. It enables regular monitoring, collection and transmission of production data of photo voltaic systems. It displays key performance data including Energy generated (both current & cumulative data) & Energy fed to the Grid etc.

ThingsWiFi also allows to access data through your smart devices (Android or iOS) at any point of time and anywhere. It is one of the platform where the integrator can review all PV plants at the same time and ensure all are working in good shape. It also give insights on scheduling of O&M.

It also can be used to remotely monitor any device which works in Modbus protocol. It is been used by many energy management companies.

Attached images of Things Wifi which is connected with Delta Grid Tied inverter and screen shots of Mobile applications.