Amul disrupted the Milk industry in 1950’s and caused what we popularly called milk revolution, since then annual milk production and collection has be raising annually over 10%.

Technology made its ways to many sectors, but still milk collection has be archaic and needs a second revolution – IoT in the milk industry.

Milk is collected in various villages across India in collection centers, which in turn is transported from collection centers to Milk Processing units.

The most important thing is what happens in the Milk collection center at villages, rather than Milk Processing units, because the quality of the end milk depends on maintaining the quality of the milk at village level.

Many co-operatives now use Milk Chillers at collection centers, in a way that solves the problem, but not quite enough.

The problem with having just chiller is that, the Milk Processing plants will not know a number of important factors related to the process.

How much milk is coming today? What is the temperature of the milk? Quality of the milk, these parameters needs to be monitored constantly to improve the ROI of the milk.

This is where IoT in the milk industry can be a game changer. We installed our IoT devices in few places at Collection centers and delivered a game changing insights, which improved the collection ROI by 25%.

We also found out that Chillers were not being cleaned optimally, which was major cause of quality degradation of the milk at collection points.

What was considered unknown and unmanageable, suddenly became known and predictable.

The milk co-operative was not only able to get an accurate milk collection by 7am in the morning, but also could constantly monitor the milk temperature remotely across their chilling centers.