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Power Sector is moving from Energy Monitoring to Energy IoT as consumers becoming producers

Directing the power sector to Energy IoT When the power plant was brought up in the earlier days it use to be of the size of several 100’s of Megawatts, built in remote location and electricity was transmitted over 100’s… Continue Reading →

ThingsCloud Becomes Part of NASSCOM COE IOT

It’s been a long journey for we at ThingsCloud, and we are excited to be part of NASSCOM’s COE IoT Lab. The Lab is super awesome with the latest and greatest tools at our disposal to test and qualify our products… Continue Reading →

Allevating Energy Poverty

Solar Energy is helping eliminate Energy Poverty From only about 30 GW of renewables today, India aims to achieve a capacity of 175 GW by 2022, of which solar is going to account for about 100 GW. The target by… Continue Reading →

Why are Solar Panels so Expensive?

People often ask me “Why are Solar Panels Expensive?” and I thought it is best to explain it here once and for all. Most people think that a Solar Panel is just Silicon Diodes. So let me explain what a… Continue Reading →

ThingsCloud 2015 Review

Happy 2016 From ThingsCloud Family. 2015 Has been very good for ThingsCloud. Some of the significant achievements are: 1) Got into Top 20 in GMIC 2) Showcased Products in IIMB Bootcamp 3) Became part of IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program 4)… Continue Reading →

Paris Climate Summit a Big shot in the arm for Renewable Energy

The Paris Climate Summit was a great success because: 1) It was attended by 195 countries and most of then acknowledged need to control and limit emissions 2) Developed countries openly acknowledged that they had greater roles in causing climate… Continue Reading →

Telling the future of energy with data

When Facebook shows you a list of friends you may know, Google letting you know an ETD to be on time for a meeting, and other e-commerce websites giving you recommendations on things to purchase, these are instances where machine… Continue Reading →

Weekend at IIMB Bootcamp

It is our please to let you all know that we will be at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) for the Eximius Annual Bootcamp. We are one of the 20 startups selected to present there and have a booth… Continue Reading →

Data Is the New Dinosaur

Data is becoming one heck of a challenge to solve. Take a example of our Product ThingsHiFi- a 5KW Solar Grid-Tie Inverter. This device send data every 30 seconds to ThingsCloud. On a daily basis we will have (30/60)*60*24 =… Continue Reading →

mThings Hardware

ThingsCloud is unveiling mThings hardware to prototype your products.  Below is the look and feel of the products. You can connect anything to this and control this from you mobile phone. Product Features: Product TI CC3200 Chip, we will have… Continue Reading →

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