Why are Solar Panels so Expensive?

People often ask me “Why are Solar Panels Expensive?” and I thought it is best to explain it here once and for all.

Most people think that a Solar Panel is just Silicon Diodes. So let me explain what a Solar Panel is made up of:

  1. Silicon Diodes
  2. Aluminum Frame
  3. Glass Protective Layer

The Silicon Diodes take up about 50% of the total cost. The rest of the expense is in commodity metals like Aluminum. The prices of these other metals are pretty stable over a period of time.

The Silicon Part of the Solar Panel, of course follows Moore’s law.

Also, the problem lies in the efficiency of the Absorption co-efficients. Most diodes in commercials panels are pretty in-efficient.

This means: Only 18 to 21 % of energy is absorbed and converted to electricity at STC, in the field they absorb abysmal <15%

These factors make per-watt cost of Solar Panel more expensive.

If we just double the panel efficiency, we could use 50% less aluminum, 50% less glass and 50% less silicon for the same wattage.

So instead of ‘Why?’, the real question should be..

How can we make Solar Panel less expensive?

ThingsCloud 2015 Review

Happy 2016 From ThingsCloud Family. 2015 Has been very good for ThingsCloud. Some of the significant achievements are:

1) Got into Top 20 in GMIC

2) Showcased Products in IIMB Bootcamp

3) Became part of IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program

4) Became Part of RevvX Hardware Accelerator

5) Showcased Product at IoTNext Conference

6) Applied for Patents

Looking forward to Big bang 2016.