ThingsHiFi Grid Tied Inverter with Zero Export

As we all know, grid tied systems are supposed to export all the energy which is generated by the inverter to the grid. But with our inverter, we can make grid export as zero by restricting the generation equal to the consumption. Here we are discussing about few application about such systems.

Where zero export system can be used

  • Educational Institutes (runs only in the day time)
  • Commercial spaces such as shops, clinics etc (where they can reduce the electricity bill drastically)
  • To reduce the diesel consumption of Diesel Generator by sharing the load
  • Last but not least Places where DISCOM’s denied the approval.

Let’s see how the zero export functions


Fig 1

Condition 1

  • If the generation & consumption is par, load will consume the generated power (fig 2)
  • Neither export nor limits

Fig 2


Fig 3

Here total consumption is 593W and its been served by Solar (Output Power)- 584W + Grid 9W (nominal)(fig 3)

Condition 2

  • If Generation is less than consumption, load sharing option will be enabled by our smart inverter (Fig 4).
  • No export.

Fig 4


Fig 5

Here Total consumption is 420W and its been served by Grid Power (208W) & Solar( Output Power 212W)(Fig 5)

Condition 3

  • If the generation is greater than the consumption, the output power will be limited to the connected load (Fig 6).
  • No export.
  • Load=generation.

Fig 6


Fig 7

Here Total Connected Load is 1200W. Even though solar can generate more power at noon, but running load is 659 W and inverter limited to the same (Fig 7)

Condition 4

  • If no grid available, system shuts down.
  • No Export.

Tip: Can add an UPS (in “AC out” Terminal of Inverter) to run critical load during power cut.