3 Phase System with Single phase Inverter

As we all know we use single phase inverters in single phase connection or any one phase of the 3 phase connection & 3 phase grid tie Inverters for 3 phase connection.

Even though 3 phase inverters delivers maximum efficiency but grid outages in any phase will cause total shut down of the inverter. It will lead to loss of energy generation.

Here we are discussing about the utilizing single phase ThingsHiFi

Connection Diagram


Here we are connecting ThingsHiFi single phase 1KW inverters in each phase with a common neutral. Panels can be connected individually to the inverter.

We can connect maximum of 1.7 kw of panel and can deliver maximum power up to 1.7kw.


  • Individual Inverter for each phase
  • Multiple MPPT
  • Cost effective
  • Less Service Down time


  • DC side SPD for 2KW- 3 nos
  • DC Breaker 10A- 3 nos
  • ThingsHiFi 1000GT- 3 nos
  • PV Panel- 335 Wp* 15 nos
  • DCDB
  • Structures
  • Cables
  • Accessories

About Things Cloud

Things Cloud was founded by new generation Tech-Entrepreneurs to Indigenously design, develop & manufacture Power Electronics equipment’s, cater to emerging next generation of clean, connected, controllable Power Conditioning solutions that can work with unstable, noissy local grid infrastructure of developing countries around the world.

With patent pending technology coupled with Machine learning Algorithms enables system to control, monitor & improve system operational efficiency & optimizes Energy consumption making it economically viable proposition to adopt renewable option to attain Energy Independence.

With Bangalore head office & network of associates after successful completion of 2 years product field trials, Things Cloud team is ready to offer Solar Grid tie Inverters & Solar -Grid -Battery Hybrid Inverters in 1-5KW ranges with inbuilt Monitoring Solutions.

For more product offering details you may contact

Vasudevan VM – Manager-Business Development & Sales

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Email Id: vasudevan@thethingscloud.com