Grid Tied Inverter with Zero Export

In Typical Grid Tied solar systems energy generated by the solar panels is fed to grid by the Inverter. Bidirectional net meter will measure both energy export and consumption thus reducing electricity net consumption thus bill. However while commissioning Grid Tie system in real-world, there are challenges faced both by customers as well as Installers.

Customer shall need to replace their existing unidirectional energy meter with bidirectional net meter which adds to system cost and is tedious, time consuming process. Many times system installer / customer face delay due to non -availability of Bidirectional Net meter or approval from Discom’s to connect system to grid. Even though system is ready with installation of panels & Inverters customer would be losing utilization of energy harvested by Solar panels until system get approved & commissioned to operationalize.

At majority of domestic or smaller capacity system, cost of replacement of bidirectional net meter & to get approval as high as up to 30% of system cost, which makes Solar unviable & non feasible proposition.

To resolve these pain points faced by system solution provider & end customer, ThingsCloud offers ThingsHiFi ZE models, Grid Tie Inverter with Zero Export feature & has inbuilt Remote Monitoring. With ThingsHiFi Inverter Models, Energy Generation is limited / restricted equal to load consumption.

With ThingsHifi ZE models System installer can handover system to customer & customer can start utilizing system once Panel & Inverters are commissioned. No hassle of Meter replacement or approval from DISCOMS for connecting system to grid.

Also customer and installer can monitor real time performance of system through ThingsApp – proprietary Android Mobile App developed by ThingsCloud.

Some of the application examples where ThingsHiFi ZE models are used -

  • Regions/places where bidirectional net meters are or policy is of ambiguous.
  • To avoid falling in higher slab rates ( for eg: Domestic users in Karnataka pays Rs 3.75/unit for the first 30 units, Rs 5.20/unit for the next 31-100 units and Rs 6.75/unit for the next 101-200. Rs 7.8/units are for subsequent usages in a month. Our zero export inverters can brings down the higher to smaller tariff)
  • Educational Institutes (runs only in the day time)
  • Commercial spaces such as shops, beauty parlours, Medical Labs, clinics, Petrol bunks etc (where they can reduce the electricity bill drastically)
  • To reduce the diesel consumptionof Diesel Generator by sharing the loads.

Below Fig1 & connection diagram illustrate ThingsHiFi ZE model grid zero operation


Fig 1

Connection Diagram


Condition -1 - Neither export nor limits

If the Energy generated by Solar Panel is equal to or less than the loads consumption, The entire generated Energy by Panel is consumed by loads & balance required would be supplied by grid.


Fig 2


Fig 3

In above scenario Total load consumption is 420W and its been served byGrid Power (208W) & Solar ( Output Power 212W) (Fig 3)

Condition 2: Zero Export - Load=generation

  • If the generation is greater than the consumption, Things Cloud Inverter Things HiFi ZE models will limit output to the connected load (Fig 4) to restrict access Energy Export.

Fig 4


Fig 5

Here Total Connected Load is 1200W. Even though solar can generate more power at noon, but running load is 659 W and inverter limited to the same (Fig 5).

With Developing economy and zeal of policy push towards Energy Independence. Grid Zero System shall offer economically viable option for residential & Small commercial entities to install solar to harvest Energy from Sun.

The“ThingsHiFi” inverters sends all energy generation and consumption parameters to the cloud, where algorithms are run to ensure every system runs at peak efficiency. Things Cloud mobile app keeps the user up to date and gives him regular tips on how he can improve energy harvesting efficiency.

About Things Cloud

Things Cloud was founded by new generation Tech-Entrepreneurs to Indigenously design, develop & manufacture Power Electronics equipment’s, cater to emerging next generation of clean, connected, controllable Power Conditioning solutions that can work with unstable, noisy local grid infrastructure of developing countries around the world.

With patent pending technology coupled with Machine learning Algorithms enables system to control, monitor & improve system operational efficiency & optimizes Energy consumption making it economically viable proposition to adopt renewable option to attain Energy Independence.

With Bangalore head office & network of associates after successful completion of 2 years product field trials, Things Cloud team is ready to offer Solar Grid tie Inverters & Solar -Grid -Battery Hybrid Inverters in 1-5KW ranges with inbuilt Monitoring Solutions.

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